Cerrina de Clare's Armorial Bearings

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Armorial Bearings
Cerrina de Clare
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ArmigerCerrina de Clare
EscutcheonGules a chevron Argent between three griffins segreant Or.
UsePersonal Armorial Bearings

Individual/Family: Individual
Country of Origin: United Stattes
Place of Origin: United States
Granted: No
Assumed: Yes
Granted/Officially Recorded By:

The de Clare Society Roll of Arms


This design uses the colors and elements used in grants of Armorial Achievements in the armigers family lineages for many centuries. The red color (gules) is used in honor of the 1,000 year history of military service in the armigers family lineages from the Battle of Hastings in the 11th century to the Afghanistan wars in the 21st century. The armigers family has engaged in military service all over the modern and medieval world with honor and humility.

The white (argent) chevron is incorporated to honor the armigers de Clare ancestors and those from the Counts of Perche as well as peace and sincerity.[1] It symbolizes the great achievements to humanity these great noble houses had on human society. The griffin symbolizes watchfulness and the courage of the armiger and her family ancestors.[2] The griffin was thought to find and guard mines of gold and hidden treasures. Here there are three golden griffins for the kindness and generosity of the armiger. There is one Griffin for the armigers bravery, one for her valor and one for her endless vigilance.[3]


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