Dame Isabella Krivulka, DMOSA

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Dame Isabella Krivulka, DMOSA
Isabella Krivulka.jpg
Isabella Krivulka in 2018
Born27 February 1979
ResidenceMarkland Manor House
Markland Cottage
CitizenshipHungary & United States (Dual Citizenship)
EducationKaplan University
Known forBeing Beautiful
Height170.18 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Political partyMonarchist
MovementSchwarz-Gelbe Allianz
Partner(s)Natalie de Clare
ChildrenAnise Irina Lester
Erin Elizabeth Thaler
William Scott Thaler

Dame Isabella Krivulka, DMOSA (1979-present) is the eldest of three daughters of Michael Paul Krivulka (1958-2017) by his wife Esther Elizabeth Orosz (1959-present).[1] She married once and had two children by that marriage and one child by a non-matrimonial relationship. Interestingly, she does not have a middle name. Part of Her family immigrated to the United States at the turn of the 20th century while the rest stayed in the Eastern Europe in places such as the Kingdom of Romania, Kingdom of Hungary, and Kingdom of Bulgaria.

Armorial Bearings

Armorial bearings are also known colloquially as a Coat of Arms. They are the principal part of a system of hereditary symbols dating back to early medieval Europe, used primarily to establish identity in battle.[2][3]They are still used today by royalty, nobility and knights to cover, protect, and identify the wearer; to denote their decedents, property ownership and their profession.[2][3] Armorial Bearings belong to specific individuals not families as there is no such thing as a family Coat of Arms or a family crest. [4][5]


Dame Isabella Krivulka, DMOSA is the oldest of three daughters of Michael Paul Krivulka by his wife Esther Elizabeth Orosz. She attended school in the United States in the state of California and spend a number of years at University in the United States as well. She was severely injured in a car accident in 1994 requiring extensive surgery on her spine. She married young at the age of 23 and had two children by that marriage. She also suffered a major head injury in 2014 and came out strong from both accidents positive and resilient as ever. She spent a number of years in the state of Missouri taking care of her biological father until his death in 2017.

She is also a Dame in three Orders of Chivalry and takes this very serious. The title of Dame is the female equivalent for Knighthood, which is traditionally granted to males, but there have been numerous Female Knights throughout history. There have also been entirely female Orders of Knighthood and such practice continues to this day. In her spare time she enjoys playing the Violin, collecting gemstones and crystals and interestingly she is a Certified Crystal Healer. She has been in a relationship with Natalie de Clare since early 2018 and shares an estate in Eastern Europe. She was only the second generation born in the United States before leaving that country behind and moving back to Eastern Europe which is her ancestral home anyway.


Isabella Krivulka attended primary school at the Bonita Unified School District in La Verne, California from 1984 to 1994 and then attended Bonita High School in La Vere, California from 1994-1996 before transferring to Vista High School graduating with her High School Diploma in 1996. She then attended Colorado Technical University from 2009 to 2011 before transferring over to Kaplan University studying Microbiology from 2012-2013.


Isabella Krivulka had one child through a non-matrimonial relationship with Corban Larry Lester (1976-present):

  • Anise Irina Lester (2000-present)

Two years later she married Joshua Alan Thaler (1979-present) on 03 August 2002 and had two children by that marriage:

  • Erin Elizabeth Thaler (2002-present)
  • William Scott Thaler (2005-present)

She separated from Joshua Alan Thaler on 14 April 2007 and were divorced in 2019. She currently shares an estate with Natalie de Clare, in Eastern Europe called "Markland Manor".


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