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About Grevinde af Markland Wiki

This Wiki was established in 2016 by Natalie de Clare in order to create a lasting database of the history of her family and that of the historical Noble Houses associated with her immediate family. Non-House de Clare members of the public are not allowed to contribute or change any of the information on this site and registered users are restricted by members of House de Clare respectively.

House de Clare Contributors

Only members of House de Clare can edit this Wiki, and this controls the tremendous amount of bastardization of content related to House de Clare. Several mechanisms are in place to help House de Clare members carry out the important work of crafting a high-quality resource while maintaining civility. Editors are able to watch pages and technically skilled persons can write editing programs to keep track of or rectify bad edits. Where there are disagreements on how to display facts, editors often work together to compile an article that fairly represents current expert opinion on the subject. Although the House de Clare owns the site, most are uninvolved in writing and daily operations.


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