Louie Alvin Whiteaker

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Louie Alvin Whiteaker
Born29 January 1945
Ironwood, Michigan, United States
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationM.A. in Chemistry
Spouse(s)1st Claudias L Misner
2nd Janis Rae Nugent
3rd Valerie D. Bannister
ChildrenKimberly Donette Whiteaker
FamilyHouse Whiteaker

Louie Alvin Whiteaker is the only son of Glenn Elmer Whiteaker by his wife Inez Stephey, 3rd Baroness Graves. He married three times and has one child by those marriages.


Louie Whiteaker attended a University and graduated with a Masters degree in biochemistry.

Military Service

Louie Alvin Whiteaker served in the United States Air Force in Vietnam from 26 Jul 1966 - 26 Jul 1970.


His first marriage was to Claudias L Misner on 24 June 1978 in Longview, Washington, United States by which he had one daughter:[1]

  • Kimberly Donette Whiteaker

His second marriage was to Janis R Covel on 21 Oct 1989 in Longview, Washington, United States and had no children by that marriage.[1] His third and final marriage was to Valerie D Bannister on in Longview, Washington, United States and had no children by that marriage.

Sadly, after a documented 700 year paternal lineage in the Whiteaker line, Louie Whiteaker if the last male of this family line and upon his death this line will cease unless his daughter never marries and refuses to change her surname essentially passing it onto her children.


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