Natalie de Clare's Armorial Bearings

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Armorial Bearings
Natalie de Clare
Lady Markland's Armorial Bearings.jpg
Lady Marklands Sheild.jpg
The Lesser Coat of Arms of Natalie de Clare using only her Shield
De Clare Banner.jpg
Banner of Arms of Natalie de Clare
ArmigerNatalie de Clare, 4th Countess of Markland, DGK
CrestIssuant from a crest coronet consisting of a headring Or, edged Argent, embellished of precious stones proper, heightened of four roses Argent, barbed and seeded Or, and two trefoils Or, each charged with a pearl proper, all alternated with six fleurs-de-lis Or, a mound Sable, there-upon a salamander in flames of fire proper.
EscutcheonPer chevron Sable and in base chevronny of Argent, Gules, Or, Gules, Argent, Gules and Or, in chief two quillpens in saltire Argent, ribbed and nibbed Or, debruised of a lozenge Sable, edged Or, there-upon a bugle horn garnished and stringed Or.
MottoMemento Mortuis
Other elementsSable and Argent.

Individual/Family: Individual
Country of Origin: Kingdom of Denmark
Place of Origin: Tårnby
Granted: Yes
Granted/Officially Recorded By: South African Bureau of Heraldry, Societas Heraldica Scandinavica

Lady Markland's Armorial Bearings use elements from the Lordship of Glamorgan's arms, the historical de Clare's arms as well as those from the Counts of Perche. Her Armorial Bearings were drafted and created by the South African Bureau of Heraldry.[1][2]My Armorial Bearings are registered in Scandinavian Heraldic Rolls and registries.[3] They are also legally protected as a copyright and trademark in various countries. I wanted my Coat of Arms to be representative of four specific regions all of my ancestry stems from: Ireland, England, France, and Denmark.

The Shield

The Shield utilizes elements of the historic de Clare armorial bearings as well as the historic armorial bearings for the Lordship of Glamorgan (held by the de Clare family) and the Counts of Perche which are represented by chevronels with Gules (red for Glamorgan) and Or (yellow for the Honor of Clare) and Gules and Argent (white for Perche). These are combined to make it alternating Argent, Gules, Or, (repeated). The horn represents my lineages to the Dukes of Normandy and viking ancestors from Denmark and Norway. Behind this appears two feathered quill-pens. These allude to my love for writing, reading, studying, knowledge, law, legal & justice and history. 

The Helm

The Helm is a polished sleek front full-faced design with closed visors and crimson lined which represents her Damehoods in multiple Royal Orders of Chivalry in Europe. This is a Jousting Helm which was used heavily in the 15th century which also represents the end of her Historical de Clare line at the end of the 14th century. This helm was used by Knights in her familial line and is a fitting addition to her Coat of Arms.

The Crest

The Crest is a crest coronet of gold, silver and jewels. It is a hybrid coronet that uses the heraldic Danish Crown of Nobility as a base. The pearls from the Countess Coronet are replaced with fleur-de-lis to represent my ancestors from France, roses for my Norman English ancestors, and trefoils for my Irish ancestors. Issuant from the coronet is a mound (Sable) upon which is a salamander in flames of fire proper (of natural colour). A salamander is a fragile species but in this sense has a variety of symbolic value attached to it. It is a mythological fire spirit and as such signifies fire.  The alchemists retained, in particular, the Heraclitean notion of fire as the “agent of transmutation”, since all things derive from, and return to, fire. It is the seed which is reproduced in each successive life (and is thereby linked with the libido and fecundicity). In this sense as a mediator between forms which vanish and forms in creation, fire is, like water, a symbol of transformation and regeneration. This is symbolical of how I was able to “rise from the ashes” as it were from a long forgotten lineage and become who I truly am.

The Motto

The Motto "Memento Mortuis " translates from Latin to, "Remember the Dead."​


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