Sir Richard Whiteaker, Knight

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Sir Richard Whiteaker, Knight
House Whiteaker Coat of Arms.jpg
Coat of Arms of House Whiteaker
Holme Manor, Cliviger, Lancashire, Kingdom of England
Holme Manor, Cliviger, Lancashire, Kingdom of England
Other namesKnight
CitizenshipKingdom of England
OccupationFeudal Knight
TermFor Life
Political partyRoyalist
Spouse(s)Lady Margaret Wellascotts
FamilyHouse Whiteaker

Sir Richard Whiteaker, Knight (1480=1540) was the son of Sir Thomas Whiteaker, Knight (1458-1529) by his wife Lady Mary Greenwood (1440-1530). He married Lady Margaret Wellascotts (1480-1545) in 1500 and had at least five children by that marriage.


Holme Manor, Cliviger, Lancashire, Kingdom of England. The birthplace of Sir Richard Whiteaker, Knight in 1480 and many of the Whiteaker family for over 400 years. Today it is disgustingly apartments.

He was an mounted and armoured soldier who fought for King and Country with honour and valour. In times of peace throughout the later Middle Ages and as late as the end of the 16th century, the role of the knight was promoted and extolled through highly stylized tournaments that bore little resemblance to the bloody warfare in which the "typical knight" had once participated. Sir Richard Whiteaker, Knight particiipated in early tournaments that were very similar to war. They originally included many participants battling each other at once in a chaotic mock war. When even the tournaments went out of fashion, knighthood became less and less tied to warfare, and increasingly indicated social status. Sir Richard Whiteaker, Knight was one of the last in his lineage to be bestowed with a Knighthood and the once mighty Knightly House of Whiteaker would fade into history and be all but forgotten to the mists of time.

Spelling Variations

Some spelling variants or names with similar etymologies include Whiteaker, Whittaker, Whitacre, Whittiker, Whitacker, Whiteaker, Whitakker, Whitakier, Whitakerr, Whitaaker, Whitecar, Wetaker, Wyteacre, Whitticker, Whittiker, Whitteker, Whittacker, Whitteaker, and Whiteker, and about 95 others. The correct way to pronouce this name is: wahyt-acre and not wit-a-ker. It is commonly mispronounced by American descendents. There are many Whiteaker lineages from England not to be confused with his lineage.


Sir Richard Whiteaker, Knight married Margaret Wellascotts (1480-1545) in 1500 and had at least five children by that marriage:[1]


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