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The Coat of Arms Associated with the de Clare Family until 1200 C.E..
The Coat of Arms Associated with the de Clare family after 1200 C.E..

The de Clare family are one of the illegitimate lines from the House of Normandy. It was Gilbert de Brionne, 2nd Count of Eu who went on to inadvertently, through his own murder, to be instrumental in founding House de Clare specifically in Clare, Sussex, Kingdom of England. Had Gilbert de Brionne not been murdered House de Clare would most likely be known to history as the House de Brionne. House de Clare would eventually splinter into two cadet branches in Ireland, and Dunnow. The Dunmow branch would eventually be known as House Fitz Walter instead of House de Clare like those in both England and Ireland. In Ireland the Cadet branch would marry Irish Royalty from a small Kingdom that would not survive the passage of time.

The last male de Clare died in 1314 at the Battle of Bannockburn and the last female from this lineage still bearing the de Clare name died in 1360. Others from various other marriages survived into the early 15th century, but little is known of these minorities and sometimes only a name is recorded in the annals of history at a specific time. There are no mentions of their exploits - not even a date of their death or where they were buried. Despite the wealth and importance of the de Clare family family in the medieval period, little remains to be seen of the family today but various ruins and nuances of their prior wealth and power; certainly the surname no longer remains an especially common one, as the last surviving de Clares were all daughters. From time to time artifacts are found and auctioned off.

However, illegitimate children were not uncommon amongst the Nobility during the Medieval period, so many links to unrelated family names may exist unknown even today. The family castle from which they took their name remains in the form of a ruin in Suffolk; the priory they built in St Neots now lies underneath a car park and a newsagents. The strongest links to the family still to be seen are probably Caerphilly Castle - a majestic ruin in south Wales, Clare College and Clare Bridge in Cambridge; the bridge was built in 1639-40, but was named in remembrance of the Lady who saved the College from closure 300 years before. All those in this family who died for King, Country and those subjects they ruled over are all but forgotten with the passage of time. Newer generation do not care much for history and those who forged it.

Natalie de Clare is the only known living legitimate Nobility in the world today who refers to her small family as House de Clare. Even her Coat of Arms incorporates elements of the Medieval de Clare Coat of Arms from which she descends and in order to do that her pedigree must be validate by the state Herald. Intriguingly, almost every single lineage from both sides of her family go back to a Medieval de Clare family member. She has manages the de Clare Society for other people who can trace one of their lineages back to a Medieval de Clare family member.

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