Daniel Whiteaker

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Daniel Whiteaker
House Whiteaker Coat of Arms.jpg
The Coat of Arms associated with House Whiteaker since the 14th century.
Born08 May 1789
Somerset County, Pennsylvania, United States
Died26 January 1849
Allen County, Indiana, United States
CitizenshipUnited States
Spouse(s)Catherine Shuman
FamilyHouse Whiteaker

Daniel Whiteaker (1789-1849) was the son of James Whiteaker (1756-1818) by his wife Jemima Moors (1761-1850). He married Catherine Shuman (1792-1874) and had at least one child by that marriage.[1]


Somerset County, Pennsylvania, United States. The birthplace of Daniel Whiteaker in 1789.

He was a soldier in the war of 1812. Once the war was over he married Catherine Shuman (1792-1874) on 2 July 1813 in Hamilton, Ohio, United States. They then moved to Marion Township, Allen, Indiana, United States in the Fall of 1813 where they both remained until their deaths.

Spelling Variations

Some spelling variants or names with similar etymologies include Whittaker, Whitacre, Whittiker, Whitacker, Whiteaker, Whitakker, Whitakier, Whitakerr, Whitaaker, Whitecar, Wetaker, Wyteacre, Whitticker, Whittiker, Whitteker, Whittacker, Whitteaker, and Whiteker, and about 95 others. The correct way to pronouce this name is: wahyt-acre and not wit-a-ker. It is commonly mispronounced by American descendents. There are many Whiteaker lineages from England not to be confused with his lineage. This lineage descends from the Lords of Nether Whitacre.


Daniel Whiteaker married Catherine Shuman (1792-1874) on 02 July 1813 and had at least one child by that marriage:


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