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Official Wiki of House de Clare

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This is the Official WIKI project of House de Clare originally created by Natalie de Clare, 4th Grevinde af Markland, DGK. This WIKI is an attempt to document the history of various noble families associated with the de Clare family throughout history. This WIKI project was created due to the vast amount of misinformation about Natalie de Clare, her family, and her ancestors. The constant need to monitor Wikipedia is a nightmare and people can anonymously change information with little real oversight making it, subjectively, unreliable and inaccurate. Be advised that Lady Markland does not support or endorse any other website or WIKI about herself or her family. Furthermore, this is the only WIKI on the internet that House de Clare has any control over and we are not responsible for misinformation contained on other sites we have no control over.

All the pages here are linked to each other so everything anyone could desire to know about Lady Markland, or her biological family, is mostly available here. This website is a ongoing work in progress so on any given day there could be new pages or information. Furthermore, this Wiki is not here to debate the validity of any titles of nobility so the individual person is free to object to any given title of nobility presented on this WIKI project. Be advised that this WIKI Project does not seek the approval from any person or currently established website or organization. Lady Markland's validity comes from her letters patent and conveyance deeds as well as her genealogical proofs.

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Lady Markland's Wiki Page
This link goes directly to Lady Markland's WIKI Page.

Family Surnames
This is a registry of Surnames associated with Lady Markland's family lineages through history. Be advised that this is a grossly incomplete list.

Detailed Directory
This is a detailed directory to hard to get to places on this WIKI project.