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Rohese de Giffard
1st Lady of Standon
1st Lady of Eynesbury
De Giffard.png
The Coat of Arms used by the de Giffard family
SpouseRichard Fitz Gilbert
FamilyHouse de Giffard
FatherWalter de Giffard, Baron of Longueville
MotherAgnes Ermentrude Fleitel
Barony of Longueville, Duchy of Normandy
Tonbridge Castle, Suffolk, Kingdom of England
BuriedSaint Neots Priory

Rohese de Giffard, 1st Lady of Standand & Eynesbury (1034-1115) was the daughter of Walter Giffard, Seigneur de Longueville (1010-1085) and Agnes Ermentrude Fleitel (1014-1103). She married Richard Fitz Gilbert, 1st Baron of Clare (1024-1090) midsummer in 1054 and had eight children by that marriage. She held lands in her own right as stated in the Domesday Book of 1086 where she is listed as the Tenant-In-Chief and not just the Lord.
Domesday People: Domesday book. Boydell & Brewer Ltd, 1999.</ref> Tenent-In-Chiefs were Barons at the time of the Conquest of England.



Rohese de Giffard married [[[Richard Fitz Gilbert, 1st Baron of Clare]] and had eight children by that marriage: